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Warranty + Health and Safety Instructions

MCAudioLab Product Warranty

All equipment designed and built by MCAudioLab are covered by a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 30 days from date the unit is sold to the Dealer to the original purchaser only. A further limited one year non transferable warranty is available upon proper registration of ownership within 10 days of date of first purchase. This warranty is not valid in the case of secondhand purchases. A specific warranty extension or warranty for secondhand purchases can be required directly to MCAudioLab that will inform you about prices and conditions.
Proper registration is made by filling out the online registration form on the product registration page. The end user is required to provide proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) of the product when a Repair Authorisation is required. Under the terms of the warranty, defective parts will be repaired or replaced without charge, excepting the cost of consumables such as vacuum tubes, lamps and so on. Vacuum tubes and meters are warranted for three months provided the warranty registration is completed as outlined above.
If an MCAudioLab product fails to meet the above warranty, then the purchaser’s sole remedy shall be to first obtain a Repair Authorisation from MCAudioLab Service Department and return the product to the MCAudioLab Service Center where the defect will be repaired without charge for parts (excepting the cost of consumables) and labour. All warranty service requires an MCAudioLab issued RMA number. Please conduct warranty service communication by contacting us.
All returns to MCAudioLab Service Center must be in the original packing, accompanied by the Repair Authorisation and must be shipped to the address specified on the Return Authorisation via insured freight at the customer’s own expense. Customer will be charged for new factory packaging if customer fails to ship product to MCAudioLab in an improper packaging. After repair, the product will then be returned to customer via prepaid (at the customer’s own expense), insured freight, method and carrier to be determined solely by MCAudioLab. MCAudioLab will not pay for express or overnight freight service nor will MCAudioLab pay for shipments to locations different from the one specified on the product registration. Charges for unauthorized service and transportation costs are not reimbursable under this warranty and all warrantees, express or implied, become null and void where the product has been damaged by misuse, accident, neglect, modification, tampering or unauthorized alteration by anyone other than MCAudioLab. If a unit is received for warranty repair and no problem is found with the unit after complete examination and testing, customer will be charged for hours of labor plus return shipping costs, presuming initial user error falsely caused the unit to be determined faulty.
A product is considered “Grey Market” if not purchased through an authorised and legitimate sales channel. “Grey Market” purchases are not covered by our warranty. Warranties for MCAudioLab products purchased will usually be covered by the MCAudioLab dealer for the specific country or region the dealer belongs to. In the case that a MCAudioLab product must be returned to the factory, customer as well dealer shall adhere to specific shipping, customs, and commercial invoicing instructions given with the Return Authorisation as MCAudioLab will not be responsible for transportation, costs or customs fees related to any importation or re-exportation charges whatsoever. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, thus the above limitations may not apply to you. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, therefore the above exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific rights and you may also have other rights which vary from country to country.

Warranty Exclusions

The foregoing express warranty is made in lieu of all other product warranties, expressed and implied, including merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose which are specifically disclaimed. The express warranty will not apply to defects or damage caused by post purchase shipping and transportation, storage, careless handling, nor damage caused by misuse, hot swapping, use in non-API lunchbox, accidents, neglect, alterations, operator error, or failure to properly maintain products.
The warrantor assumes no liability for property damage or any other incidental or consequential damage whatsoever which may result from failure of this product. Consequential component damage resulting from vacuum tube and/or electric line failure are not covered by warranty. Any and all warrantees of merchantability and fitness implied by law are limited to the duration of the expressed warranty. All warrantees apply only to MCAudioLab products originally purchased from a dealer. Please contact us for Tech Support and Repair Authorisation.


MCAudioLab is not liable for any damage to microphones, amplifiers, consoles, speakers or any other equipment as well as any electric shock to humans that is caused by negligence or improper installation and/or use of the product.

Product Warranty effective 07/2020 – All conditions subject to change without notice.

Health and Safety Instructions

Before using any MCAudioLab product, please make sure to read this document carefully in its entirety to ensure your safety, that of the equipment and of your work environment. Please note that it is advisable to keep these instructions always at hand as a possible reference.

How to care for the audio equipment

Never force a connector. If you have difficulties making a connection, make sure that the cable-connector and the audio equipment connectors are clean and in good condition. Connect the device to a stable power supply only, with the proper voltage and with a ground in perfect condition. Please carefully follow the instructions below to clean the outside of the audio equipment: a. Turn off and disconnect the unit from the electric current. b. Use a clean cloth and carefully go along the unit to clean it. c. If necessary, moisten the cloth using demineralized water; make sure that no liquid gets into the unit and cloth does not leak liquid. d. Use another clean dry cloth to remove the remaining moisture after cleaning. e. Never use aerosol sprays, solvents, cleaning chemicals or abrasive liquids. Disconnect the unit from the power in the event of a thunderstorm or if you are not going to use it for a long period of time. Never open, modify or attempt to repair the audio equipment yourself without proper technical knowledge, and never do that during the warranty period. It is recommended that the repair be performed by qualified personnel in case of failure. The unit must be checked by qualified personnel only if any of the following situations occur: — When the cable, fuse or power supply connector is partially or totally damaged. — When an object or liquid has fallen into the unit or has been introduced into it, whether intentionally or not. — When the unit has been hit due to a fall, even while it was still within its packaging. — When the unit does not work as it should or its performance is partially or totally affected.

Terms of use

The user undertakes to read and fully comply with the safety and health instructions described in this document, as well as the information regarding the terms of use, the limited warranty and the exclusions from the limited warranty. The user undertakes to use the audio equipment for the specific purpose it was manufactured for, under the safety and health conditions specified herein. Any other use will be considered improper use. Therefore, MCAudioLab is not responsible for any damages caused to people, animals, objects as a result of such misuse. The user undertakes to take care of the audio equipment and the environment in which it is located; neither the audio equipment, nor the people and animals, that move next to it, suffer damage of any kind. In the event of any failure of the equipmnt, the user must immediately inform MCAudioLab. The user undertakes not to open, modify or repair the unit during the warranty period. We do not encourage the user to open, modify or repair the audio equipment without specific technical and safety knowledge – and in adequate working environment – once the warranty expires.