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professional audio equipment for recording studio

Equipment for studios, engineers, producers, musicians

We design and hand-build the finest audio equipment for recording studios.

Our mission is hand-crafting audio gears

  • Using the highest-quality specifications
  • Using the highest-quality components
  • Sound character

What we have in our


We work on

Sound Character

and Creativity

Analog studio equipment  are an essential part of the entire workflow of artists, engineers, producers and audio professionals.

Like the best tube equipment of the 50s and 60s, the surprisingly simple along circuitry together with the  high-quality components and elegant design, results in the sonic superiority and specific character of MCAudioLab recording studio equipment.

Vintage enought to be Modern

  • We started off building vintage-style class A tube gears. Classic tone is great but legendary units are just the original. So that’s we design things our way starting from the ground up in Vintage-style without vintage drawback.
  • Look at the design of our own tube power supply, it is something we are proud of and thanks to it you get a 100% pure vintage sound, just our own sound character. Do not waste your time on emulations.

At MCAudioLab we manufacture analogue gear for recording, mixing and mastering. Some of our products take just inspiration from the classic designs of the past, but – unlike so many other manufacturers nowadays – we are absolutely original! We do not copy or clone other devices or people work; we have our own ideas we like to develop and our products are based on that ideas. We build everything by hand unlike many other major brands do.

Why choose our products:

  • Boutique hand-built equipment
  • Original circuit design
  • Professional system set for studio from recording to mixing and mastering tasks
  • Solid and reliable construction made to last
  • Serviceable construction
  • Unique sound character you will get addicted to!

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