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Technical support

If you consider your audio equipment needs the attention of our Technical Support Service, please contact us. We will solve any problem in your device. Email us indicating the problem and the serial number of your audio Equipment. You can also contact the store directly or the Distributor that sold you the unit. They will know how to help you in the fastest and most convenient way. Follow the same procedure even in case your unit needs to be repaired or replaced outside the warranty period.

Returning a unit

Before returning your unit, please make sure the problem is really in the unit. The problem is usually bad cables or bad patch panels. Here are some things to try first:

  • Try different cables on the input and output
  • Connect the same cables to a different preamp/line level device and check if it works
  • Try a different mic with preamps. Make sure phantom power is on or off as required
  • Bypass all patch panels and connect the inputs and outputs directly

If you are still having a problem, please contact us. To return one of our products for repairing, out-of-warranty repair or for just a check-up, please use our form. Print it and include it in the box with your unit. The return must be previously authorized by MCAudioLab that will supply you the service reference number. Please print the Return Document you get via email and enclose it with your unit.
Be sure to make an accurate description of the problem and your contact as well as shipping information.
Note: We give priority to warranty repair items. Other repairs may take a little longer.

Replacement Tubes

Tubes should last a long time but it is actually difficult to predict how long. If a tube does fail, it usually picks up mechanical vibration (we say it becomes microphonic). Occasionally a tube will completely fail for no apparent reason. In that case a replacement is immediatelly needed. A completely failed tube can permanently compromises the electronic of your audio equipment. Please replace tube meeting the original specs of the equipment. We just use the 12AX7 and the 6DJ8 tubes on our equipment. The ‘tp’ series only has the 6CA4 tube rectifier. No special skill are required. Everyone can do that. Just pay attention to the correct tube type and read the Health and Safety Instructions before.

Support Ticket

Please fill the form. Be sure to accuratelly describe the problem.

We will get in touch with you soon after your Support Ticket submission.

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