500 series


    The MCAudioLab MP1 is a high-quality mic preamp for the standard 500 Series rack.

    Everything you need in a mic pre: 60dB of clean gain, phantom power, -20dB pad and phase reversal. A Direct Input jack connector is right on the front panel.

    The MP1 excels at adding the right "color" to the input signal and extra warmth character thanks to its H/L MIC switch. Add punch and warmth to electric instruments thanks to an all-discrete transistors, Class A circuitry, driving the Hi-Z input. The MP1 is an essential mic preamp in the world of professional studios, because of its unique signature sound and its ability to perform with any condensers, dynamics and ribbon microphone. A high-performance built-in 816 Op-Amp combined with MCAudioLab's unique accurate electronic circuitry returns impressive sound at any level. The MCAudioLab MP1 mic preamp features a Lundahl input transformer. 


    The Compressor Easy to Use!

    The OC1 packs great compression into a simple 500 Series rack compatible module. The OC1 mono compressor delivers many of the benefits typically associated with opto-cell providing you with satisfying warm and subtle smoothness. Why an easy-to-use compressor? Just focus on listening to the results of your processing, and not obsessing about the parameters. Set Comp, Attack and Release switch (fast or slow) and the Peak. That's really all the controls you need. You can immediately dial in the perfect compression! Do you need a more aggressive compression? Use the HD pushbutton!! The OC1 delivers extremely musical and smooth compression, just what's needed to make the track fits into your mix. The 816 built-in audio Op-Amp is the core of OC1. 


    The MCAudioLab's SE1 is a 2-band EQ in 500 Series format.

    Two sweepable shelving bands for rich and warm basses, creamy, clear and delicious analog highs. Boost/cut controls, continuously variable control of frequency selection on both Hi and Low bands. MCAudioLab's SE1 EQ sports relay true bypass, letting you easily compare your "before/after-EQ" signals. Whether you're shaping, your drum sound or giving some extra life to vocals, the SE1 equalizer sounds great doing that. The low and high controls are incredibly intuitive to use: +/-15dB of Cut / Boost makes the EQ super flexible. Output and input are transformerless to get your track sounding transparent and natural. Fully Class A, discrete electronics in each EQ filter section. MCAudioLab's 816 Discrete OpAmp features the SE1 equalizer.