MCAudioLab TP2ch

Dual channel - class A - tube mic preamp

The TP2ch is the two channel version of our TP1 tube mic preamp, and it is designed to deliver incredible tone and outstanding performance for stereo or dual-mic’ed sources.

From pristine fidelity with just a touch of tube character to fat and punchy rock tones, the TP2ch provides a wide palette of tonal options suitable for a variety of sources and genres, be it stereo ensemble recordings, drum overheads or room mics, M/S configurations or any dual mic’ed acoustic source in both classical and pop/rock contexts. The channel controls are completely independent, so you’re free to use the preamp for tracking two separate sources at the same time.

Great sound, outstanding performance, and an affordable price: the TP2ch is the ideal choice for both professional recording studios seeking vintage tone without spending a fortune on the ‘originals’ and smaller facilities who wish to set up a top class recording chain.

Vintage character, modern performance

The TP2ch is designed and hand-built to provide great vintage tone without the typical drawback of classic designs: high noise floor and distortion.

We believe great sound comes from a simple, clean and well-designed audio path made of top quality components, individually selected and tested with care. This guarantees top level audio quality while minimizing unwanted artifacts and noise.

In each channel of the TP2ch, the preamp gain stage uses a high-mu dual triode tube operating in class A. The balanced inputs and outputs are transformer-coupled using Lundahl transformers, and the front panel switches act on gold-sealed micro-relays to keep the audio path as short and clean as possible.


Two controls, many colours

Each channel of the TP2ch features a stepped Gain selector and a continuous passive Output control: dial in the tone with the first, and check your recording level with the second. Don’t be put off by the simple design: the interaction between these two controls can produce a lot of different tonal colours.

With the preamp gain on 1 and the output knob all the way up, the TP2ch provides 20dB of preamplification. Depending on the original source level, up to approximately half of the Gain range the sound is clean and smooth with just a touch of vintage gloss, like an old tube hi-fi amplifier: great for acoustic sources and soft rhythm parts. Crank up the Gain while bringing down the Output control and the preamp tube starts to add some warm saturation, the sound gets rich and fat, an the soft peak limiting of the tube rectifier kicks in.

Done with the options? Not yet. The preamp design features an additional tube stage after the output control. If you pad the signal after the TP2ch and before it hits the converters - e.g. by turning down the console’s channel trim pot - you can free the Output from its level security job. Now you can use it together with the Gain knob to drive the second tube stage, opening up a new level of tonal options.


- Dual channel class A tube mic preamp
- Extremely low distortion and noise
- Lundahl transformers in mic input and output stages
- Mic inputs: XLR input, 75 dB max gain
- Switchable 20 dB pad, +48V phantom power, phase flip
- Stepped Gain control
- Continuously variable passive output control
- Custom VU+peak output meter

Price (EXW - VAT excl.): €1950,00

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