MCAudioLab SE1

An ideal tool for your workflow

The MCAudioLab's SE1 is a 2-band EQ in 500 Series format . This Equalizer employs a multi-topology design that lets you create options in defining your sounds, move air, cleaning up your sound. SE1 optimizes the sound of individual tracks.

With two sweepable shelving bands, SE1 delivers punchy lows; creamy, clear and delicious analog highs.

You get two bands with boost/cut controls for each, continuously variable control of frequency selection on both Hi and Low bands; both filters are shelving.

SE1 lets you deal with sound without stressing it or getting it unmusical. Add air to your tracks to get coloration from your dynamic microphones, add breath and lightness to your sound.

MCAudioLab's SE1 EQ sports relay true bypass, letting you easily compare your "before/after-EQ" signals.

So whether you're shaping your drum sound or giving some extra life to vocals, the SE1 equalizer sounds great doing it.

The low and high controls are incredibly intuitive to use: +/-15dB of Cut / Boost makes the EQ very flexible.

The SE1's two frequency bands provide you with minimal phase shift with the purest EQ sound.

Output and input are transformerless to get your track sounding transparent and natural.

Fully Class A discrete electronics in each EQ filter section of the SE1 makes a vital contribution to the equalizer's overall sound. MCAudioLab's 816 Discrete OpAmp is used throughout the signal path.

Buffered Level control are locatedted in between the EQ network and discrete Class A opamp, making your signal sound tighter and more focused.

The SE1 is the ideal tool for subtly shaping your tracks with that inimitable creamy sound.

MCAudioLab SE1 500 Series EQ Features:
2 shelving sweepable bands with continously variable frequency controls
+/- 15dB Boost / Cut control on each band
+/- 12db Output trimmer
Fully class A circuitry and buffered filters
Transformerless Input and Output
Extended bandwidth
True bypass for easy, accurate "before - after" comparisons

Price (EXW - VAT excl.): €570,00

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