MCAudioLab PE1ch

Class A tube recording channel

recording channel that packs an incredible tone

The MCAudioLab PE1ch is a class A tube recording channel that packs the incredible tone and high performance specs of our TP1 tube preamp and EQ1 passive tube equalizer in a compact 2U rack. The mic preamp and DI section provides a warm, fat sound with plenty of flexibility for different sources and genres; the EQ section adds nothing but sweet and musical tone.

The PE1ch is the perfect choice for ITB studios who want to step up to a hand-built top class recording chain, and for professional facilities who seek vintage tone and outstanding quality in a preamp/EQ combo.


Vintage tone, modern specs

The PE1ch is a testament to our design philosophy: great tone comes from a short, clean and well-designed audio path made of top quality components, individually selected and tested with care. Class A operation, hand-picked tubes, Lundahl transformers and gold-sealed micro-relays for signal routing: the PE1ch is an authentic tone time machine, but the performance specs are up to the highest demands of modern studios.

Tube preamp

The tube preamp/DI section of the PE1ch is identical to the TP1 standalone tube preamp.
While it has a strong vintage personality, it’s flexible enough to cover a wide range of applications and sound sources.

The preamp section features a stepped Gain knob and a continuous passive Output control: dial in the tone with the first, and check your recording level with the second. The interaction between these two controls can produce a lot of different tonal colours. From pristine fidelity with just a touch of tube character to fat and punchy rock tones, the TP1 provides a wide palette of tonal options suitable for a variety of sources and genres, be it vocals, bass, guitar, or any acoustic source in both classical and pop/rock contexts.

Passive EQ

The 3-band EQ section delivers the sweet and musical tone our EQ1 passive tube equalizer. Use it for classic tone shaping, or simply run your tracks through the EQ in flat mode to add some vintage tube warmth. Front panel controls include a low frequency shelving filter with classic boost/cut ergonomy, parametric HMF section and HF shelving Cut, plus a true bypass switch and a 3-LED output peak meter. The PE1ch has an additional EQ input control: drive the EQ stage for some warm, fat tube saturation. Learn more about the our passive tube EQ design in the EQ1 product page.


- Class A tube recording channel
- Extremely low distortion and noise, high headroom
- Lundahl transformers in mic input and output stages
- Separate Ground and Earth lift switches to avoid ground loops

    Mic preamp and DI section:

- Mic input: XLR input, 75 dB max gain
- Hi-Z input: front panel 1/4” jack TS input, 65 dB max gain
- Switchable 20dB pad, +48V phantom power, phase flip
- Stepped Gain control
- Continuous passive output control

    Passive tube equalizer section:

- LF: shelving, typical Boost/Cut controls, stepped frequency selector (Boost 1x, Cut 10x)
- HMF Boost: parametric, stepped frequency selector, Q control
- HF Cut: shelving, stepped frequency selector
- Extremely low distortion and noise floor, high headroom
- Tube make-up gain stage
- 3-LED output level meter
- True bypass switch  



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