MCAudioLab OC1

The Compression Easy to Use!

The OC1 packs great compression into a simple 500 Series rack compatible module.

This mono compressor delivers many of the benefits typically associated with opto-cell providing you with satisfying warm and subtle smoothness.

An easy-to-use compressor. The OC1 lets you focus on listening to the results of your processing, and not obsessing about the parameters. just set your OC1's Comp, Attack and Release switch (fast or slow) and the Peak. That's really all the controls you need. You can immediately dial in the perfect compression!
Do you need a more aggressive compression? Use the HD pushbutton!!
You can just as easily put in studio to work on tracking, mixing, or in your live sound rig.
The OC1 delivers extremely musical and smooth compression, just what's needed to make the track fits into your mix. Even at very extreme settings you can't get any muddiness or distortion.

Full size discrete components with the MCAudioLab 816 built-in audio Op-Amp.

the OC1, in short, features:
Elegantly simple 500 Series optical compressor
Dial in anything form subtle dynamic control to heavy compression, without significantly altering your sound
Control set includes output level, compression ratio, attack & release switches, peak reduction
Bright, easy-to-read, 10-segments compress ratio LED meter
Hard / Soft compression pushbutton switch
Hard Bypass pushbutton switch

Price (EXW - VAT excl.): €570,00


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