Advanced hub for Mid-Side processing and creative imaging

MCAudioLab LUNA Vari-Amb is a fully analog ambient processor and Vari-Amb is for Variable Ambience. You can manipulate a sound landscape defined by two audio channel.

The stereo technique is the first and the most popular you came in mind but, inside LUNA, the audio path is converted into two independent channels called Mid and Side. The Mid-Side technique is often used by engineers because of it's own flexibility on keeping separately two main information concerning a stereo image: the sound source and its early reflections the ambience generates.

The controls on LUNA's frontpanel are divided into three main sections:
the INPUT, the ENHANCE and the CONTROL. On the left side are located some toggle switch that basically change the signal path inside the processor. Switches are grouped inside labeled squares.
The INPUT section shows up four controls as in a standard Mid/Side matrix. Each Mid and Side are furtherly splitted into two controls: the input and the trim. This topology allows you exactly reproduce the L/R scenario in M/S technique.
The ENHANCE section mainly features two knobs labeled MONO and DEPTH. These Two very controls are the processor's core.
MONO and DEPTH simply act on the correlation held in the Mid and Side information:
The Mono enhances the monophonic information. Actually the Mono control puts into the foreground the monophonic message of the stereo track.
The Depth control gives the 3th dimension to the stereo track we are processing. For a more flexibility, two simple 3 band EQ act on each Mono and Depth control. Left sided on each EQ you find a switch that invert the phase of Mono and Depth. One each control.
The CONTROL section counts three knobs: SWAP, BALANCE, MASTER OUTPUT.
The SWAP (Share With Analog Processor) allows you to share the Mono and Depth controls with the internal processor. If the two output channels have different level, after your knob setup, you may want balance them acting on the same labeled knob: BALANCE
Next to the Balance is the MASTER OUTPUT that is an active main output control providing gain when hard clockwise (MAX).
LUNA features two independent insert point: one for Mid and one for Side channels. two toggle switch (one each channel) enhable the unit working in insert mode. Two LED - between the two insert switches - labeled H and L blink at the same time when the return level matches the send one. The unit allows two different input mode: Stereo (L-R) or Mis/Side (M-S) just acting on the switch inside the "input" square.
An (hard) BYPASS switch forces the unit (when on) to be cutted away from the signal path.

 On the back of the unit:
XLR sockets for the L-R or M-S mode input signal as well.
XLR plugs providing the output in L-R mode only.
A (post-fader) Mid - Side output on 1/4" TRS Jack.
A complete insert matrix for both Mid and Side Channels on 1/4" TRS Jack.

Price (EXW - VAT excl.): €1299,00


80x50 orange Demo of LUNA Vari-Amb Equipment


1-hear no lies - FLAT track
the flat track of Scene's Hear no lies song

2-LUNA - hear no lies demo
the Scene's Hear no lies song processed by MCAudioLab LUNA vari-amb
No hardware in insert on LUNA during processing.

3-LUNA_comp - hear no lies demo
the Scene's Hear no lies song processed by MCAudioLab LUNA vari-amb
Both Mid and Side in insert mode; light compressing Mid and Side channel (unlinked)

4-LUNA - hear no lies demo_mono
this is a mono track (2-LUNA - hear no lies demo converted in mono) just to check out the LUNA mono compatibility.

This song is courtesy of Scene, Hear no lies.

SCENE is a brand new band from London, UK. They have just finished making their debut album and they are very excited to leak their first VIDEO.  -  Thanks to SCENE



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