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How do We Do That - the 500 series


The "How do We Do That - the 500 series" page explains the process behind the manufacturing of each single product of the 500 series collection.

Each single unit is fully hand-made !!



Selecting components and transistors matching. 

All electronics components are discrete and no SMD components are used!


Matched pair transistor for the 816 Discrete Op-Amp, the heart of modules


 component placing 1

component placing 2

Each single component is placed on the PCB


soldering 1

The soldering process - the PCB bottom side

component placing 2

...and the soldering process on PCB component side



A digitally controlled CNC mills an alluminium plate to get the frontpanel


frontpanel1    frontpanel2

Front panels after the milling process


scrape off     scrape off 2

Screaping off to get ready to the painting process


 painting 1

 Ready to paint...

painting 2

The primer before the final color

painting 3

Painting the fucsia color

painting 4

The final result after several steps


screenprinting    screenprinting 2

The screen printing 


final assemble 0

Each single part is now ready to be assembled

final assemble 1 

 final assemble 2     final assemble 3

 Screws and knobs are placed


testing 1

The calibration process

testing 3

The accurate test 

testing 2

Instruments say that everything is OK. The unit is ready for ... You!!

The final step? Your music, your passion, your taste, YOU!!