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    Audio automation

    Part I – Introduction, Hypothesis, thesis, synthesis Making changes automatically – like adjusting volume levels – over the course of the song is called automation. Actually through automation you can tell your DAW to turn on or off some effect, change the volume as the track plays. The use of automation is not limited to level changing or switch control only. You can automate just anything like pan positions, the settings on plugins, levels of effect, just to mention a few. In the days of analogue recording, producers made adjustments to the mix manually as the final track was bounced. Nowadays you can simply instruct your DAW to make these…

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    the Tube Power Supply explained

    How the power supply affects the ‘sound’ of class-A audio equipment. A short guide to the vintage sound you can achieve becouse just of the power supply type. While browsing our product pages you may have noticed that the MCAudioLab TP1 tube mic preamp is available with two power supply options for a more vintage or modern character. If you asked yourself “What?! A power supply changes the tone?” keep reading, you’re on the right page. The importance of the power supply in class A designs While in pro audio the power supply is often considered a secondary element compared to the audio circuit, especially in class A designs, it…

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    Hello, World! Self-introduction

    I will start this blog and, first of all, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Manuel. I was born and raised in Italy, the land of pizza, spaghetti and mandolino but even the land where I started my ‘trip’ into the music. Currently, I run a Professional Audio company, the MCAudioLab. In particular, I am the designer of electronics of the outboard I produce. From now on, I will post information about Audio, Electronics and everything that is connected to recording studio, professional audio and music, on this blog. The title of this blog is ‘the place to share ideas and projects‘ as I believe in sharing…