MCAudioLab MP1 mic preamp MCAudioLab MP1 mic preamp


MCAudioLab MP1 frontpanel


The MCAudioLab MP1 is a high-quality discretemic preamp for your 500 Series rack
The MP1 gives you everything you need in a mic pre. You get 60dB of clean gain, plus essential features like phantom power, a -20dB pad and
phase reversal.
The MP1 excels at adding the right "color" to the input signal and extra warmth character thanks to its H/L MIC switch. This gives you a larger palette
of "coloration" to add to the sound of your favorite microphones.
You also get a Direct Input right on the front panel. Add punch and warmth to your instruments thanks to an all-discrete transistor, Class A, circuitry
driving the Hi-Z input. You will capture every tone, all the armonic content, every single detail !!
The MP1 is an essential mic preamp in the world's professional studios, because of its unique signature sound and its ability to perform with any
A high-performance built-in 816 Op-Amp combined with MCAudioLab's unique accurate electronic circuitry gives you impressive S/N at all levels.
You can use the MP1 preamp with your condensers, dynamics, and ribbon mics, too. Like the other MCAudioLab products, this module is hand-made
with classic discrete (non SMD) components.
The MCAudioLab MP1 mic preamp features the a Lundahl input transformer. This ultra-high-quality transformer gives its unique character.

MP1, in short, is:
Sonically flexible microphone preamplifier in 500 Series format
Excellent sound quality and flexibility should make this a great preamp for any project
suitable for virtually any microphone
Ultra-flexible thanks to the H/L MIC switch
You get warmth, punch and open, airy high end
MCAudioLab quality in a super-compact format
Original design
An essential kit in the world's top studios, thanks to its ability to perform with any microphone.


Transformer-coupled balanced input
Continously variable gain control up to 65dB
suitable for virtually any microphone
MCAudioLab's 816 built-in discrete op-amps
-20dB PAD, Polarity reverse, 48V phantom power
Transformerless hi-Z input
4-LED peak meter
Illuminated pushbutton switches
Made to fit any third-party 500 Series frames

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