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welcome back analog!!

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MCAudioLab analog mixing desk

The studio becomes scalable.

We, at MCAudioLab, are proud to deliver this new great desk.
Built from the same analogue DNA of our units.
Designed for engineers who want an analogue approach to music and need a physical contact within their DAW-centric studio.

This MCA desk packs in an incredible collection of features. At first sight it seems a "common" mixing desk but we are going to introduce a revolutionary way to mix out-of-the-box.
This Desk fulfills all the essentials for the audio mixing process plus a fully featured monitoring system.

There are uncountable great reasons why so many engineers choose to mix OTB on an analog console, because of sonic impacts and workflow choices. this MCAudioLab desk features all that you need: sound impact, workflow choice and a democratic use/re-use of your existing studio hardware.

More datails and a fully featured overview will be released soon...
stay tuned.

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