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MP1 microphone preamplifier

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MCAudioLab MP1 8

MCAudioLab introduces the MP1. The Microphone Preamplifier for the 500 Series modular format.

Great sound with a ridiculous price

MP1 is ideal for a variety of condenser and ribbon microphones. MP1 also has a DI input making it great to use for tracking electronic instruments like guitar and bass.

Clean and  warm sound with every tone. Great for today studio recording needs.


 Features include:

  • Legendary Lundahl Input transformer for warm mic preamp tone. 
  • MCAudioLab's 816 Discrete OpAmp receiving the transformer section. 
  • H / L selectable microphone impedance.
  • -20dB Pad, Phase reverse, Phantom power and Instrument pushbuttons. 
  • High Impedance input on front panel for electric instruments. 
  • Premium components throughout the fully analog signal path. 

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