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MCAudioLab EQ1 SKnote Plugin

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EQ1 Black
MCAudioLab EQ1 SKnote Plugin - Solid State and Tube power supply edition, VST, AU, RTAS


A pultec-style equaliser, with tube output stage, solid state and tube power supply options.
It includes two stacked units for linked or dual control, plus a special 1U device with boosting (driving the inputs), and switchable Left-Right and Mid-Side matrix mode.

The emulation also includes both power supplies options, solid state and tube, independently switchable for each single unit.

Will update as soon as i get more info...


The model included two EQ units plus an additional unit.
The hardware is mono, the software kept this Left-Right division to emulate the same control you get on hardware.
There are some reasons why you would prefer to keep separate controls:

- slightly different L-R setups, e.g. on guitars
- complimentary setups, e.g. moving some frequency range on the stereo field

Both power supply options have been modeled. The power-on switches of the hardware units have been replaced with those tube-diode switches. The hardware units contain just _one_ power supply: tube or solid-state based topology. The plug-in, as custom version, cames with modeled both on it (both power supplies have been modeled).
As you can expect, solid state is stronger and cleaner, tube is weaker and rounder. Some differences can be heard on extreme settings or drive.

The auxiliary unit. It contains means for gain staging and overloading the EQs, and a Mid/Side matrix, plus a link option between the EQs.
Gain control, together with the EQs, give means for shaping harmonic content.
The Mid-Side matrix connects the EQ units to Mid and Side components. It could be very useful in mastering.

As you can expect from this kind of design, the bass boost has a "never too much" effect, the highs are smooth, the interaction between frequency bands and controls has an interesting interaction. Setup a band, get slight modifications by moving controls for the other band.
The output transformer and tube makeup amplifier complete the sound.

It is currently under test and the first audio samples should be available in a few days.

This plug-in is developed by SKnote. Please visit the SKnote webpages on www.sknote.it

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